Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Step?

If you are curious about the value of your jewelry and wonder if it may be worth selling, the first step is simply to call or email us. We will ask for a brief description of your pieces, and provide you with an approximate market value. Following this initial contact, we may suggest you make an appointment to visit us so we can carefully inspect your jewelry in person to make a firm offer. If your jewelry is of high value and you are not comfortable transporting it, we will be happy to meet you at your bank, home or office.

What if I live outside the Los Angeles area?

Many of our clients only have a long distance relationship with us. We are usually able to provide an approximate valuation of your jewelry based on your description. Occasionally we may suggest that you send GIA reports, pictures, or other supporting materials so we can provide you with the most accurate numbers. If our preliminary valuation is in line with your expectations, we will be happy to arrange fully insured, overnight delivery to our offices at no charge. We carefully inspect your jewelry the day it arrives and contact you immediately with our offer. There is no rush to make a decision. If you choose to sell, payment will be forwarded as detailed below. If you prefer to have your pieces returned, they will be sent back to you at our expense by overnight service at the mutually agreed upon, fully insured value.

How do I ship my jewelry to Kazanjian & Fogarty?

We will arrange fully insured and safe transport to our offices. Simply call or email us for instructions. We cover all costs of shipping and insurance for you.

How does Kazanjian & Fogarty determine the value of my jewelry?

Jewels are evaluated using many criteria including the vintage or period, the maker, the quality of the design and craftsmanship, the rarity, and condition. Gemstones are examined for the clarity, color, cut and size, or weight, of the gems. These varied factors help us to determine not only the intrinsic value of the material, be it gold, silver, platinum, precious or semi-precious stones, but the overall quality and desirability of the piece in today’s market. Valuation is both a science and an art.

How does Kazanjian & Fogarty pay for the items it purchases?

If you make the decision to sell your jewelry, we make immediate payment by direct deposit, wire transfer or if preferred, by company check.

How much time do I have to make a decision about the sale of my jewelry?

We are happy to provide valuations for our clients and you may decide at your leisure when, or even if, you are ready to sell. Under no circumstances is there ever any pressure or obligation to go forward.

If I decide not to sell, how will the pieces be returned to me?

All items not purchased will be returned promptly at the mutually agreed upon, fully insured value by insured overnight service.

Are there any fees associated with consulting Kazanjian & Fogarty?

There are no fees whatsoever. Our services are entirely free of charge.

What assurance do I have dealing with Kazanjian & Fogarty?

Many people are nervous when it comes to trusting others with their jewelry. Having been in business in Beverly Hills for more than 30 years, serving generations of families both here and abroad, the reputation of our firm is unmatched. Our good name is your guarantee of absolute transparency and trust.